Top 5 Keys to Keep Subcontractors Loyal

Top 5 Keys to Keep Subcontractors Loyal

Article by, Brent Virkus Founder Motor City Design Build

Brent VirkusMotor City Design Build knows that working with the subcontractors is one of the most challenging issues in construction. There is a delicate balance between remaining in control and keeping them happily on the job. Subcontractors are some of the most independent people in the world. They are craftsmen who specialize in one trade like carpentry or masonry. They are called “subcontractors” because their obligation is normally to the general contractor, Motor City Design Build.

5 Tips to keep a subcontractor on your job:

Clean work environment        

When a subcontractor walks onto a job site and there is dust and debris everywhere and he has to clean it up before he paints or puts trim on, he is not happy. How well do you work when you aren’t happy? Is your work as good as it usually is? No. Make sure your job site is clean. 

Job site is ready for them to work

Nothing upsets subs more than to get to a job site and find that it’s not ready for him. When a subcontractor gets to the job site he wants to work. Make sure there is nothing preventing him from doing this.

Materials on site

Make sure certain subs and materials are on the job and coordinate the coming and going of subs and materials. A subcontractor doesn’t want to get to the job site and find that the materials he needs have not arrived or that he has to go and pick them up. 

Organize subcontractor flow

Don’t schedule too many subs on the job at the same time and they’re in each other’s way! You don’t want the painter tripping over the carpenter.

Quick pay

There needs to be a sense of loyalty. Subcontractors go where they know they will get paid quickly and that there’s a lot more work for them.

Written by Brent Virkus

Brent Virkus

Brent Virkus is President and CEO of Motor City Design Build and Member of Team Virkus. Brent has been in the Real Estate and Investment industry for over 20 years. | brent@motorcitydesignbuild.com | (586) 854-9203

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