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Brent VirkusI’m Brent Virkus, Founder of Motor City Design Build.

We are currently experiencing the greatest real estate recovery since the Great Depression. The best news of all is Southeastern Michigan is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country!

With the stock market at all time highs investors are searching for Alternative Investments to reduce the risk in their portfolios and garner more consistent returns. The current state of the real estate recovery is providing investors a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in real estate. This said, the biggest issue most investors face is they simply do not know how to take advantage of this opportunity. Team Virkus is here to help solve this issue.

Since Detroit was allowed to file bankruptcy, there has been a lot of attention from the country on the city’s future and how it will impact the residential real estate market in Detroit.

Team Virkus’ executive team are all natives of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan so we truly have our finger on the pulse of what is going on in our communities.


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To help investors take advantage of this incredible real estate recovery, Team Virkus can help you in two ways:


Income Producing Properties

One of the most important types of investments to have in your portfolio is income producing investments. Most investors achieve this type of return through bonds. The issue is in today’s low interest rate environment returns of this nature simply do not exist in the bond market so investors are forced into searching out alternative…

Flipping Houses

We’ve all seen the shows on HGTC, DIY and other networks about flipping houses. This type of investing in real estate can produce significant returns, but this type of investing can be very risky if not done properly. Motor City Design Build is a specialist in flipping homes. To help investors take advantage of this incredible opportunity we…

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