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Income Producing Real Estate

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One of the most important types of investments to have in your portfolio is income producing investments. Most investors achieve this type of return through bonds. The issue is in today’s low interest rate environment returns of this nature simply do not exist in the bond market so investors are forced into searching out alternative solutions. One of the best areas to achieve this type of investment return is through income producing real estate.

To help investors looking for income, Team Virkus provides value through our Six Step Process:

  • First: Determining the best markets to invest in.
  • Second: Once we’ve identified the target market, we then scour the market for the right opportunities. The right opportunity is a property that can be acquired at a significant discount to market value and has the ability to “add value” to the property through renovation and/or repositioning.
  • Third: Negotiate the property purchase on behalf of our investor.
  • Fourth: Complete the renovation and/or repositioning of the property.
  • Fifth: Tenant the property with the right renter.
  • Sixth: Manage the property via collecting rent on behalf of the investor and maintaining the property.

Team Virkus’ Investment Policy:

  • The property needs to be located in an area of demographic growth.
  • The property needs to be purchased at a significant discount to market value.
  • The property needs to have the ability to “add value” through renovation and/or repositioning of the asset.
  • The net rental income after expenses needs to produce at least a 10% cash on cash un-leveraged annual return on investment to our investor.